Fulvic Acid 90 vegan capsules


Fulvic acid is not a mineral but it actually facilitates better bio-availability of the natural vitamins and minerals. So better absorption takes place. It should be taken with natural supplements only. Adequate – even extra, water should be taken with it.


This simple, yet essential substance is phenomenal for health!  –  *anti-ageing, *anti-oxidant, *converts cellular free radicals back into good nutrition

Pure, uncontaminated Fulvic Acid free from any additives whatsoever

Recommended dosage : 1 capsule daily with plenty of water (each capsule contains 500 mg)


Fulvic Acid - Mycsa AG


In summary, Fulvic Acid offers the following attributes:


Anemia Cystitis High Blood Sugar
Angina Dermatitis Migraine Headaches
Arteriosclerosis Diabetes Multiple Sclerosis
Arthritis Diarrhea Muscle Cramps
Burns Diverticulitis Nervous Disorders
Blood Clots Eczema Nervous Stomach
Bursitis Edema Open Sores
Cancers Fractures Parasite Infection
Chemical Burns Gall Stones Shingles
Chronic Fatigue Gastritis Sunburn
Chronic Indigestion Gout Stroke
Chronic Psoriasis Heartburn Toxic Buildup
Circulation Problems Hemorrhoids Ulcers
Common Colds High Blood Pressure Varicose Veins
Colitis H.I.V. Virus Yeast Infections
Croup Hypoglycemia