Castor Oil, organic 200ml


For skin care, eye irritations, acne, skin hydration, sunburn, face mask, promote hair growth, compresses.


Organic Castor Oil  (200ml glass container)

Certified organic, cold pressed and hexane-free

Not recommended to be taken orally

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Castor Oil Compresses

How to – Place a small  circle of the castor oil on compress – in the middle. It will slowly spread on the compress.  You could put this on a bone spur, a sore wrist, joints, sore knees, congested chest (slightly larger compress) with a hot water bottle on top.  On abdomen for irritable bowel syndrome, constipation – it will help break up congestion there.  Gallstones, revive liver (under right rib), kidneys (kidney stones).  You will need a plastic covering as it could soil clothes. One can sleep with the compress in place.

(Ref Barbara O’Neill – You Tube – Digestive Tract – this is well worth watching to understand the basics of great health)


Other benefits from Castor Oil compresses

Castor Oil penetrates deeper than any other oil, breaks up lumps, bumps, adhesions, even a bone spur

(it may take a while if the condition has been there for a long time) – just keep at it.

As a compress it is not drawing anything out of you. The compress is a vehicle to hold the oil so it can penetrate

Every day you could apply the compress, fold it over and next day open up, add a little more oil and apply again

You can use it for tumors, cysts, even breast cancer

Uterine fibroid – one lady first used a recommended yam cream product to reduce the osteogeny and applied the castor oil compresses to her abdomen.