Apricot Kernel vegan 60 capsules


60 vegan capsules  (555mg per capsule)   Also known as Laetrile.

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Contains Vitamin B17 which *helps eliminate cancer cells. These could be added to all cancer protocols.

Also known as “laetrile”

Caution: Please be sure to follow recommended guidelines and stop if there are any negative effects.   Please also conduct your own research on this product before taking it.

Laetrile Studies

Study results investigating the anticancer effects of Laetrile are mixed. Some show that it’s beneficial in avoiding cancer and keeping the spread of existing cancer cells to a minimum, while others show no effects on cancerous cells. While many practitioners assert that Laetrile is a qualified cancer treatment, most agree that it shouldn’t be the primary cancer treatment for any patient — instead, certain experts recommend that it be used as an add-on supplement.


Caution: If pregnant, nursing, have or had kidney disease or taking  medication, kindly consult with your natural health professional.