Aloe Anti Ageing Hydrating Gel (75ml)


A youthful skincare gel


Aloe-ferox hydrating gel – clinically tested. Non irritant. Gentle and soothing

Benefits:  *Anti-ageing *Regenerating *Healing *pH balancing *Rehydrating *

This product has been clinically tested and is non-irritant on the skin

Suggested use: After shower, apply 5-10 minutes before applying moisturizer

For *sunburn, *stings, *insect bites, *scars, and *cuts. Apply as frequently as desired

Further information:   Aloe Regenerating Gel has been formulated with the finest grade of aloe gel from the Aloe Ferox plant

The regenerating and soothing qualities of aloe are well known. The natural loss of fluids from the skin, e.g. after sun exposure, is rectified and the pH balance restored. The basal layer of the skin where new cells are formed is nourished

Avoid contact with eyes, but in case of accidental contact, rinse eyes with water.