Acne treatment pack


Acne treament pack for skin and none skin issue’s.



Three Easy Steps::

1. Cleanse face with Bio-Sil Lavender Colloidal Silver Soap bar

2. Drink 15-30 ml Bio-Sil Colloidal Silver daily.  Use this same liquid as a skin toner.

3. Apply Bio-Sil Skin Soother to the face as frequently as desired. After a few minutes, moisturizer and/or make-up can be applied.

An enthusiastic and happy Acne Pack customer coined the term: ‘Drink your skin toner!’


Face mask:  Amish Drawing Balm can also be used as a wonderful enhancing face mask.  Apply to the face and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.  Repeat this weekly

Spotty skin:  To help clear a spotty skin,  one can apply this healing balm as a face mask or anywhere the acne is, leaving it on for 15 mins –  then using a face cloth with warm water to gently remove.   A natural face wash may then be used to remove any residue.  After this apply a natural face serum. such as Skin Soother  ( as the pores will be open and receptive

Deep facial cleanse, apply and leave it to form a light crust.